Bird Man San Diego
            Educational Services / Hospital Programs/ Birthday Events / Entertainer for Any Event                  Est. 2005                                           

World's Best Service Bird Trainer

                                                                                                                                                               Click on Facebook button( top left corner blue letter ( F ) to view photos. Please send your payment and confirmation picture                        via facebook and visit our webstore above

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Our success is based on the simple ideas and principals

 that good honest service for a great cause can go a long way.

Our training system is based on horse training and other animals behaviors.

We have established this unique training system for Service Birds in 2005.

In 2011 the American Disability Association has changed the law by adding one species at a time based on their merits of service. Our Service Birds have been working since 2005

in schools and hospitals. We have developed a partnership with the schools and hospitals to protect the service birds by reconizing the important service  they provide for humans.

We raise money for our programs thru photo sales, donations, special events.

The Schools and Hospitals in turn provide us with a certificate certifying that the service animals are providing educational and therapeutical services.

 We are advocating for the merits of the Service Bird.       

                                  A life long commitment and a life long service.

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Every dollar counts no donation is too small. Your donation helps provide services @ Seaport Village, School and Hospital Programs.

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